Artist 2Less

2Less. Sto. Domingo (Sto. = span. for Santo), and Benett born in the early 90’s. They had always been curious about electronic music and how it worked.

ArtistOverview BenWeber

Ben Weber (also known as Klangweber, The Beatrabauken, FAB, Blume&Korn) is an avowed sound anarchist, whose projects will give many electronic music styles an unique character. The variety of his musical interpretations is a result of his youth days which was affected by music styles like punk, metal, funk and wave.

ArtistOverview Droyal

Already as a young boy he was totally into music and wanted to be like his ideals like Michael Jackson, Usher and many more. Especially his open nature and versatility make it possible for him going into many different styles of music.

Artist DDeiEstate

DDei and Estate are two young german producers at the age of 19. They started producing at the age of 16, because of their passion for electronic dance music.

ArtistOverview FVB

Frowin von Boyen the Swabian factory is for qualitative house sounds!

ArtistOverview GreendahlRasmussen

The newcomers from denmark with great house sound!!!

Artist JmRibera

Slavoljub Cvetkovic aka Jose Ribera and Sinisa Cvetkovic aka Manolo Ribera born in Belgrade,Serbia. Began to deal with music 2003rd...

ArtistOverview MaxMafia

Max Mafia is a producer who dream big, wants to be big and will be big. His biggest inspirations is Klaas, Red One, Swedish House Mafia and Avicii.

Artist PhunkKings

The Phunk Kings are two US guys (Jordan McKnight and David Patel) from well known New York City.

ArtistOverview MHM

Today, as well as 6 years ago, behind SevdahBABY alias stands only one man. His name is Milan Stankovic and he is most joyful when he mixes different musical cultures in his tunes. He is not afraid of being accused of heresy from neither audience: for example, from the mainstream or Balkan folk music fans on one hand and representatives of the urban club culture on the other hand. He strongly beli....

ArtistOverview Shuffle Funn

Shuffle Funn is formed by a two finnish DJ's & producers Teemu Y. and Matthew Johnsson.

Artistoverview Spaceprojekt

Hakim Kaissi aka Spaceprojekt, Producer/DJ from the Mediterranean area, more specificly Tunisia.