Greatest stuff by DDei&Estate ever!

DDei&Estate are proud to deliver you their next Single, including three long awaited tracks! Bringing you pure electro sound combined with beautiful progressive melodies and elements take you to an imaginary festival of madness. DDei&Estate - Venezia: Long awaited! Rarely the feedback on a track by the german duo was that immense and positive. It's euphoric and dramatic sounding melody take your fantasy on a fly. The strong contrast brought by the drop with its heavy and pressured sound creates a unique combination of two different styles. DDei&Estate - Style Of Irony: Pure electro madness combined with culture. Enjoy this unique tune with its classic elements, strings & cellos playing a rapid melody. The drop of this track is filled with energy and makes you go crazy. Many percussions and different elements make this track really interesting and unique in its combination. DDei&Estate - The Mysterious One: This one is mysterious and full of energy. A great melody and a powerful drop, combined with unusual vocals! Enjoy this banger and play it loud.


018 Ben_Webber_-_Krynn


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