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Greendahl & Rasmussen

Two young and energetic guys from Denmark who's got a big passion for electronic dance music. Both Jonas and Mads has played as deejays for many years at many different venues.

Jonas has got some serious deejay skills and because of his career started as a mainstream deejay he sure knows how to read a crowd.

Mads is more the producing guy, and he is now teaching Jonas in his knowledge. Mads has also got a huge discography with over fifty releases worldwide. His older productions are also available on many different compilations like D-Trance and Kiddfectious World Tour album 2010. Mads has also played as a deejay over a few years.

After almost two years of residency at the same club, Jonas and Mads decided to team up together. Back in the days Mads was more interested in trance and hard dance music, but as he got more into the club scene he started to like house music. And as Jonas always have got a big passion for house music they took the chance and teamed up. After a few weeks they produced their first single and got it signed to the german record label; Robeat5 Records. After this they've done loads of remixes for national and international groups.

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