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2Less. Sto. Domingo (Sto. = span. for Santo), and Benett born in the early 90’s. They had always been curious about electronic music and how it worked. Benett started playing the piano at the age of 5! And Sto. Domingo was always analyzing the music he was listening to. From the moment they turned 18 everything changed because now they were able to visit night clubs and they loved all about it: the nightlife, the crowds and Electronic music!

But they didn't want to be just normal club visitors. They wanted to become the center point of the night! So they decided to start Djing. Their first try was on a private party. With two iPods and a mixer. Since that night they breath, smell, hear and taste Electronic music. Every backup plan was forgotten. There was just Electronic music and Djing.

After a while of playing at private parties, clubs and bigger events in their city, they felt as if there was still missing something. Their own music. So they started to produce. They were working on new sounds and beats 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. In 2011 they moved to England to create an international stir and spread their music around. It didn't take them much time to find contacts for gigs in night clubs. Since then, they have been working as hard as they can to succeed with what they do.

They are one of a kind…good things will happen.



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