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D Royal


Dennis Deussing aka "D Royal"
was born on of March 1988 in Nuremberg/Germany. Already as a young boy he was totally into music and wanted to be like his ideals like Michael Jackson, Usher and many more.

At the age of 10 he started singing in front of his family and friends. By their response he started to realize for the first time which emotions he could initiate with his talent and voice. At the age of 14 he began to record some own and some cover songs in a recording studio. This inspired him to carry on finding his own style. Still he always found more pleasure bringing his personal touch into the music. Especially his open nature and versatility make it possible for him going into many different styles of music.

So, one thing´s for sure, whether he´s on stage or recording songs in the studio you´ll realize/you´ll see/ you´ll recognize that it´s his passion for music which makes him turn each song into his own personal story. So people we can look forward to many more music projects! Stay tuned!



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